Geologist Kat Holden accepts a mission on an oil plateform lost in the middle of the Alaska. She finds there Adam, her son's father she did not see for many years, and who now runs the base. Very fast, a too elaborate drilling makes leave a strange substance with strange curative virtues. Tamaka, who was suffering an important cut, immediately heals, while Stark heals his pneumonia. A short while after, Jason is found dead, the face pulled out and Tamaka disappears. A bloody creature has been freed by the drill and begins to kill the humans who are on the base. Kat and the physician of the station soon conclude that the monster is an alien. The responsible of the company, Darren, plans financial profits that out of the discovery while Adam thinks first think about the surviving of the people. Kat decides to climb down in the pit to find an explanation...

A TV Movie directed by David Straiton

1999 - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Also Known As

  • Nightworld: Survivor (us)

Release dates

  • May 13, 1999
  • May 13, 1999