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Night of the Living Dead

(Night of the Living Dead)


The dead are walking, and hunger for human flesh. A group of panicked survivors are barricaded in a deserted farmhouse while the army of flesh-eating zombies hovers outside their door... A true cult classic - and one of the most scariest movies of all time.

A movie directed by George A. Romero

1968 - 96 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Ben
  • Barbra
  • Harry
  • Helen
  • Tom
  • Judy
  • Karen Cooper
  • Newscaster / Zombie
  • Zombie
  • Sheriff McClelland
  • Scientist
  • Field Reporter
  • Zombie / Posse Member
  • Zombie / Posse Member
  • Washington Scientist




$114 000

Worldwide Box-office
$30 000 000

Also Known As

  • Ночь живых мертвецов (inc)
  • Laugh Track: Night of the Living Dead (us)
  • Monster Flick (us)
  • Night of Anubis (us)
  • Night of the Flesh Eaters (us)

Release dates

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