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The year is 2020. Noah lives with his family in the underground community of North Col. The world above is a frozen wasteland after a massive comet strike in the 21st Century destroyed all other life including the world’s animals. One day while probing the secrets of a hologramatic virtual reality device Noah accidentally time travels to the future. He finds himself trapped in the year 2085 in a place called Haven where he meets a group of children called the Nomads. Led by Arushka, the Nomads live in hiding form the evil warlord Tao, who rules the mines of Thunderstone, all-powerful mineral brought to Earth by the comet. Noah desperately wants to return home but in attempting to do so he and the Nomads are faced with an extraordinary mission that could change the history of the planet. In a battle against evil the survival of the world’s animals now depends on Noah...

A series created by Jonathan M. Shiff

3 seasons - 52 episodes

1999 - 30 minutes - Color - NC

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Release dates

  • February 12, 1999
  • February 12, 1999