Nightingale in a Music Box

(Nightingale in a Music Box)


The story of two women facing the unleashing of a new technology inside one of their own minds. When microbes made to be planted in the human brain to control traumatic memories are stolen, Burke, a special agent, has to decide if the thief is a NIGHTINGALE IN A MUSIC BOX, that is someone carrying information without even knowing it. As for the thief herself, she claims she just wants to get her memory back and recognize her own children again. Unfortunately for her, her mind has become a maze from which she might never find herself again.

Burke meanwhile tries to recover the microbes before they can be used on a large scale to change what it means to be human. Gradually she finds techniques which seem to recover memories, but are they real memories or are they planted memories? And how can the difference be told? Burke is determined to find out before it's too late. (Swanie)

A movie directed by Hurt McDermott

2002 - 96 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - NC

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