The Night Caller

(The Night Caller)


A baffling alien object falls from the sky a few miles outside London. The city becomes prey to a series of deadly kidnappings. Innocent women are being stalked, then disappearing without a trace. Scientists draw a parallel between the incidents, but police officials are very skeptical. When it is apparent the reign of terror is indeed caused by a horrifying creature from outer space, it's a chase to find him before many more women fall into its clutches. Unique special effects combine with taut suspense in this gripping tale of a city caught up in a nightmare!

A movie directed by John Gilling

1965 - 85 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Jack Costain
  • Dr. Morley
  • Ann Barlow
  • Detective Supt. Hartley
  • Reg Lilburn
  • Det. Tom Grant
  • Thorburn
  • Cmdr. Savage
  • Madge Lilburn
  • Col. Davy
  • Joyce Malone
  • Pvt. Higgins
  • Pvt. Jones
  • 2nd R / T soldier
  • Police Commissioner's secretary

Also Known As

  • Night Caller from Outer Space (inc)
  • Blood Beast from Outer Space (us)
  • Bloodbeast from Outer Space (us)

Release dates

  • December 31, 1965
  • December 31, 1965