The Ultimate Warrior

(The Ultimate Warrior)


2012. Victim of an ecological catastrophe, the Earth is in agony, left to barbarians who share the last ruins of the human civilization. In New York, groups of plunderers confront others pitilessly. Cal, who belongs of the Baron's Gang, whose members kill only in legitimate defense, has succeeded in making vegetables grow, he jealously keeps them as a real treasure. Installed in the heart of a fortified enclosure, the community undergoes the repeated attack of a particularly fierce band, led by the so-called Carrott. No longer knowing whoom they are vowing to, the Baron commits a mercenary...

A movie directed by Robert Clouse

1975 - 94 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast



Also Known As

  • The Last Warrior (inc)
  • Последний воин (inc)
  • The Barony (inc)
  • The Baron (us)

Release dates

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