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The Fly

(The Fly)


In the Delambre & Brother factory, a woman, Helene Delambre, has killed her husband, Andre, a scientist of genius. She crushed his head and his arm under a hydraulic press.

Inspector Charas is leading the inquiry. Nevertheless, Helene doesn't deny the murder charge. She seems quiet, apaise and happy by the death of her husband. She finds consolation from her brother-in-law, François Delambre, who asks her for some explanations...

A movie directed by Kurt Neumann

1958 - 94 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Andre Delambre
  • Helene Delambre
  • François Delambre
  • Insp. Charas
  • Emma
  • Nurse Andersone
  • Philippe Delambre

Also Known As

  • Magas (inc)
  • Муха (inc)

Release dates

  • September 14, 1958
  • July 16, 1958
  • September 14, 1958
  • July 16, 1958
  • August 29, 1958 (New York City, New York)