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The Fly II

(The Fly II)


Veronica, Seth Brundle girlfriend gave birth to her son in atrocious pains that drove her to death. The new born, Martin Brundle, is not a child like the others. His father is Seth Brundle, a brilliant scientist that has succeeded in inventing teleportation. During his tests on himself, Seth had discovered that a fly had entered in the machine, and that the computer had merged it with him. His destiny had ended on this painful experience. Martin possesses in his body a certain number of genes and ADN of the fly.

Although he is physically identical to any human being, he is poisonned by the syndrome of Brundle (syndrome whose name was given by his father) that has for consequence the rapid acceleration of the aging process...

A movie directed by Chris Walas

1989 - 105 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Martin Brundle
  • Beth Logan
  • Anton Bartok
  • Stathis Borans
  • Shepard
  • Jainway
  • Scorby
  • Veronica Quaife
  • 10 year old Martin
  • 4 year old Martin
  • Wiley
  • Hargis
  • Mackenzie
  • Dr. Trimble
  • Simms

Also Known As

  • Муха 2 (inc)
  • The Fly 2 (us)

Release dates

  • September 08, 1989
  • February 10, 1989
  • March 16, 1989
  • September 08, 1989
  • February 10, 1989