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Local residents begin falling prey to the attacks of genetically altered poisonous snakes, and officials are at a loss to explain their swift and horrible deaths. As the body count spins out of control, the US Army is dispatched to help quarantine the victims and the lethal reptiles. But the virus is spreading more quickly than anyone can respond. Suddenly, the race is on to save as many people as possible and stop the fatal assault -- or die trying.

A movie directed by Fred Olen Ray

2001 - 97 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.78

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Main Cast

  • Dr. David Henning
  • Dr. Christine Edmonton Henning
  • Dr. Eric Foreman
  • Susan Edmonton
  • Maj. Gen. Thomas Sparks
  • Gen. Arthur Manchek
  • Billy Sanderson
  • Cindy Sanderson
  • Nurse Josie Randall
  • Sheriff Jack Crowley
  • Edgar Williams
  • Katy
  • Dr. Dutton
  • Daniel Andrews
  • Orderly

Also Known As

  • Eclipse (us)
  • Venom (us)

Release dates

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