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Monster a-Go Go

(Monster a-Go Go)


What happens when a film started by the director of The Giant Spider Invasion is finished by Herscherll Gordon Lewis, the man who mad Two Thousand Maniacs? Yup, you get Monster A-Go Go, a screwy sci-fi obscurity in which an astronaut goes up, but a 10-foot, crusted faced creature comes back. Played by real life giant Henry "Horace" Hite, the Spaceman Who Scares Chicago stalks sexy sunbathers, strangles scientists, attacks twist-party teens, and spews radiation that leaves his victims "shriveled up like a dried prune." And because he's about to "contaminate everybody within a radius of 50 miles," the military desperately tries to corner the lumbering galoot in a deserted stretch of sewer tunnel until an absurdly surreal ending turns everything upside down... Shown primarily in Southern drive-ins during the sixties, Monster A-Go Go will dig through your brain like a cinematic lobotomy. But beware: "What you are about to see may not even be possible within the narrow limits of human understanding." You betcha.

A movie directed by Bill Rebane, Herschell Gordon Lewis

1965 - 70 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Also Known As

  • Terror at Halfday (us)

Release dates

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