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Things to Come

(Things to Come)


1940, the threat of a world war concretizes. The war continues until 1966 where a terrible sickness, that sweeps more than half of the human race, now rules. In 1967, a peace emissary coming from eastern, technolocaly ultra - evolved, proposes to bury forever this destructive conflict to the community's Chief. 2036, it is now the rebirth of the humanity, the world is reconstructed, the peace is imposed by force. The city is reconstructed and the company evolves in a perspective of constant technological creation and sustained. 100 years after the beginning of the conflict, the technology is the master word...

A movie directed by William Cameron Menzies

1936 - 100 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • John Cabal / Oswald Cabal
  • Pippa Passworthy / Raymond Passworthy
  • The Boss
  • Roxana / Rowena
  • Theotocopulos
  • Dr. Harding
  • Mrs. Cabal
  • Richard Gordon
  • Mary Gordon
  • Catherine Cabal
  • Maurice Passworthy
  • Morden Mitani
  • The Child
  • Janet Gordon
  • Great Grandfather



Also Known As

  • The Shape of Things to Come (inc)
  • The Hundred Years to Come (inc)
  • H.G. Wells' Things to Come (inc)
  • Whither Mankind (inc)
  • Облик грядущего (inc)

Release dates

  • September 14, 1936
  • February 20, 1936 (London)
  • September 14, 1936
  • April 17, 1936 (New York City, New York)
  • May 02, 1936 (Hollywood, California)