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Mission to Mars

(Mission to Mars)


The year is 2020, and the first manned mission to Mars, commanded by Luke Graham, lands safely on the red planet. But the Martian landscape harbours a bizarre and shocking secret that leads to a mysterious disaster so catastrophic, it decimates the crew. Haunted by a cryptic last message from Graham, NASA launches the Mars Recovery Mission to investigate and bring back any survivors. Confronted with insurmountable danger but propelled by deep friendship, the team finally lands on Mars and makes a discovery so amazing; it takes your breath away...

A movie directed by Brian De Palma

2000 - 114 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Jim McConnell
  • Woody Blake
  • Luke Graham
  • Terri Fisher
  • Phil Ohlmyer
  • Sergei Kirov
  • Nicholas Willis
  • Reneé Coté
  • Debra Graham
  • Maggie McConnell
  • NASA Wife
  • NASA Wife
  • NASA Wife
  • NASA Wife
  • Bobby Graham

Also Known As

  • M2M (us)

Release dates

  • April 14, 2000
  • March 10, 2000
  • April 06, 2000
  • April 14, 2000
  • March 06, 2000 (premiere)
  • March 10, 2000