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Missile to the Moon

(Missile to the Moon)


When the government cancels a space project scientist Dirk Green, his assistant Steve Dayton, Steve's fiancee June and two escaped convicts blast off for the moon. The scientist is killed by a loose piece of equipment, but the remainder of the crew land safely on the moon and stay in the shadows to avoid being burnt by the sun while trying to keep away from the lunar monsters and a giant spider. They enter a cave and are captured by a race of moon women who plan to kill the interlopers...

A movie directed by Richard E. Cunha

1958 - 78 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Steve Dayton
  • June Saxton
  • The Lido
  • Gary Fennell
  • Alpha
  • Lon
  • Dirk Green
  • Lambda
  • Zema
  • Col. Wickers
  • Sheriff Cramer
  • Moon Girl
  • Moon Girl
  • Moon Girl
  • Moon Girl

Also Known As

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Release dates

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