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Heavy Metal

(Heavy Metal)


A glowing green orb from outer space spreads destruction throughout the galaxy. Only when encountered by its one true enemy - to whom it is inexplicably drawn - will goodness prevail throughout the universe...

A movie directed by Gerald Potterton, John Bruno, John Halas, Julian Harris, Jimmy T. Murakami, Barrie Nelson, Paul Sabella, Jack Stokes, Pino Van Lamsweerde, Harold Whitaker

1981 - 86 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Grimaldi (segment "Grimaldi") / Co-Pilot (segment "B-17") / Barbarian (segment "Taarna") (voice)
  • Girl (segment "Grimaldi") (voice)
  • Harry Canyon (segment "Harry Canyon") (voice)
  • Girl (segment "Harry Canyon") / Satellite (segment "Harry Canyon") (voice)
  • Rudnick (segment "Harry Canyon") (voice)
  • Alien (segment "Harry Canyon") / Henchman (segment "Harry Canyon") (voice)
  • Desk Sergeant (segment "Harry Canyon") / Dan (segment "Den") / Den (segment "Den") / Robot (segmen
  • Whore (segment "Harry Canyon") (voice)
  • Whore (segment "Harry Canyon") / Queen (segment "Den") (voice)
  • Katherine (segment "Den") (voice)
  • Ard (segment "Den") (voice)
  • Norl (segment "Den") / Taarak (segment "Taarna") (voice)
  • Prosecutor (segment "Captain Sternn") (voice)
  • Sternn (segment "Captain Sternn") / Male Reporter (segment "So Beautiful and So Dangerous") / Edsel (segment
  • Lawyer (segment "Captain Sternn") / General (segment "So Beautiful and So Dangerous") (voice)

Also Known As

  • Тяжелый металл (inc)

Release dates

  • August 07, 1981
  • August 07, 1981
  • August 07, 1981
  • July 29, 1981 (premiere)
  • August 07, 1981