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Memory Run

(Memory Run)


LA, 2015 AD. The Life Corporation, a mega-government alliance of the police, judiciary and health branches of government, has discovered the secret of immortality... Manipulated by a corrupt judicial system in order to complete the first phase of an experimental brain transplant, Andre Fuller, an innocent man, is framed and convicted for the murder of a wealthy woman. In a macabre blurring of a capital punishment and medical science, Andre's brain is transplanted into the still living (but brain dead) body of the murder victim.

Celeste, the creation of Dr. Munger and the Life Corporation, rejects LifeCorp's reprogramming and is scheduled for termination. With the aid of her creator, Dr.Munger, she escapes into the underworld in search of Andre Fuller's body. The union, a small band of idealists at war with the Life Corporation, captures Celeste who becomes a reluctant ally of the revolutionaries. Ultimately, Celeste discovers LifeCorp's secret plot and must decide whether to reverse the transplant and resume the identity of Andre Fuller or destroy the Life Corporation's utopian nightmare.

A movie directed by Allan A. Goldstein

1995 - 89 minutes - Color - Ultra Stereo - NC

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Also Known As

  • Synapse (ca)

Release dates

  • February 20, 1996
  • February 20, 1996