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The Man Who Turned to Stone

(The Man Who Turned to Stone)


A group of 18th-century scientists, led by Dr. Murdock, have remained young after all these centuries by using electricity to suck the life out of young women. If one of the scientists misses a treatment, his skin hardens to the toughness of stone. A female prisoner discovers why so many of her fellow inmates are disappearing, and attempts to stop them with the aid of a prison psychiatrist...

A movie directed by László Kardos

1957 - 71 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Murdock
  • Dr. Jess Rogers
  • Carol Adams
  • Tracy
  • Mrs. Ford
  • Cooper
  • Dr. Freneau
  • Dr. Myer
  • Eric
  • Big Marge Collins
  • Anna Sherman



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Release dates

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