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The Manster

(The Manster)


Experiments turn to treachery when mad scientist Suzuki needs a test subject for his newest serum that can radically alter humans. His chance arrives when American reporter Larry Standford stops by for an interview and Suzuki secretly injects the reporter. With the formula coursing through his veins, Stanford beings to feel his moods change and in a startling scene discovers an eye growing out of his shoulder. Another creature is literally growing inside of him, driving him to commit a series of murders. Completely transformed into a two-headed monster, he returns to Suzuki's laboratory. Their confrontation builds to a fiery climax at the mouth of a volcanic inferno...

A movie directed by George P. Breakston, Kenneth G. Crane

1959 - 72 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • Larry Stanford
  • Linda Stanford
  • Dr. Robert Suzuki
  • Tara
  • Ian Matthews
  • Police Supt. Aida
  • Emiko Suzuki
  • Genji Suzuki
  • Dr. H.B. Jennsen
  • Temple Priest
  • Monster

Also Known As

  • The Two-Headed Monster (inc)
  • Nightmare (inc)
  • The Manster - Half Man, Half Monster (inc)
  • Sôtô no satsujinki (jp)
  • The Split (jp)

Release dates

  • March 28, 1962
  • March 28, 1962