House of Dracula

(House of Dracula)


Dr. Edelman leads research aimed at healing physical deformities. Dracula asks him for assistance and his first client is Larry Talbot, a wolfman. During the various adventures that occur, one rediscovers the lifeless body of the Frankenstein's monster. Edelman brings it back to life...

A movie directed by Erle C. Kenton

1945 - 67 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Lawrence Talbot / The Wolf Man
  • Count Dracula
  • Miliza Morelle
  • Police Inspector Holtz
  • Dr. Franz Edlemann
  • Nina
  • Siegfried
  • The Frankenstein Monster
  • Steinmuhl

Also Known As

  • The Wolf Man's Cure (inc)
  • Дом Дракулы (inc)
  • Dracula vs. The Wolf Man (us)
  • The Wolf Man vs. Dracula (us)

Release dates

  • December 07, 1945
  • December 07, 1945