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Johnny Mnemonic

(Johnny Mnemonic)


In the 21st century, information is the ultimate product. In a world where cyberspace is a daily reality and hackers proliferate, the most precious information must sometimes be transported by mnemonic steeds, professionnals like Johnny that offer security and confidentiality.

Johnny guarantees the delivery for a good price, but he paid a high price to increase his stocking capacity, and he has unloaded his own memory. Now, he wants to find it back, and this is going to cost him a high expensive price, so expensive that he'll have to do a last steed to pay for it...

A movie directed by Robert Longo

1995 - 103 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.85

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Also Known As

  • Johnny Mnémonique (ca)
  • Fugitivo del futuro (us)

Release dates

  • February 09, 1996
  • May 26, 1995
  • November 23, 1995
  • February 09, 1996
  • May 26, 1995