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When a Viking 2 probe mysteriously returns to Earth from the surface of Mars, a team of scientists is instructed to find out why. The terrifying answer to their research demonstrates that Mankind may not necessarily be at the top of the cosmic food chain...

A movie directed by Mark H. Baker

1997 - 90 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Case Montgomery
  • Dr. Gracia Scott
  • Colonel Jessie Pratt
  • Private Ryan
  • Private Jeffers
  • Sergeant Lopez
  • Michael Perkett, NASA
  • Lt. General McClintock
  • Private Hawkins
  • Private Talbert
  • Lieutenant Angstrom
  • Ian Ochs
  • Recovery Team Member
  • Chopper Co-Pilot
  • Chopper Pilot



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Also Known As

  • Lifeform (inc)

Release dates

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