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Horror Planet



Man had landed on the planet before: A fruitless, expensive fiasco of an expedition. Then, fifty years later a smaller but disasterous landing had left two men horribly and inexplicably dead. Now a third attempt has so far found nothing but a silent, lifeless world. Until they broke open the underground chamber and discovered in the most vile way imaginable that the planet was not quite dead. A sleeping life-form had been waiting for millennia, needing only a chance to breed before escaping to spread like a foul, devouring disease into the life blood of the universe. But to breed, it needs the bodies of those who disturbed it...

A movie directed by Norman J. Warren

1981 - 93 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Also Known As

  • Insecticide (inc)
  • Doom Seeds (inc)
  • Планета ужасов (inc)
  • Insemenoid (inc)
  • Horrorplanet (us)

Release dates

  • March 22, 1981
  • March 22, 1981