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Island of Terror

(Island of Terror)


The discovery of a completely boneless body on Petrie Island leads to the arrival of Drs. Landers and Stanley to carry out an autopsy. Reports of a horse being found also devoid of bone sets the doctors off to investigate. During their investigations their car is attacked by a glutinous jelly like horror, the result of an experiment gone wrong. The horror of the bone devouring invincible army of monsters, growing and multiplying at fearful rate must be stopped, but can anything halt such a terror?

A movie directed by Terence Fisher

1966 - 89 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Brian Stanley
  • Dr. David West
  • Toni Merrill
  • Dr. Reginald Landers
  • Constable John Harris
  • Mr. Roger Campbell
  • Peter Argyle
  • Ian Bellows
  • Dunley
  • Halsey
  • Old Woman
  • Morton
  • Dr. Lawrence Phillips
  • Carson
  • Mrs. Bellows



Also Known As

  • The Night the Silicates Came (inc)
  • The Night the Creatures Came (inc)
  • The Creepers (inc)
  • Night of the Silicates (inc)
  • Остров террора (inc)

Release dates

  • June 20, 1966
  • February 01, 1967
  • June 20, 1966
  • February 01, 1967