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It! The Terror from Beyond Space

(It! The Terror from Beyond Space)


When his crew is brutally murdered on a Mars expedition, Commander Carruthers becomes the prime suspect. Taken into custody and facing a court-martial back on Earth, he discovers that the real killer -- a grotesque, slithering monster -- has stowed aboard the earthbound ship. But the indestructible creature has already begun a harrowing in-flight rampage, knocking off the members of the crew one by one. Now, as the spaceship heads toward a panic-stricken Earth, the remaining crew must find some way to stop the unstoppable...

A movie directed by Edward L. Cahn

1958 - 69 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Col. Edward Carruthers
  • Ann Anderson
  • Col. Van Heusen
  • Mary Royce
  • Eric Royce
  • Lt. James Calder
  • Maj. John Purdue
  • Bob Finelli
  • Gino Finelli
  • Joe Kienholz
  • It

Also Known As

  • The Terror from Beyond Space (inc)
  • It! The Vampire from Beyond Space (inc)
  • Оно! Ужас из космоса (inc)

Release dates

  • November 09, 1958
  • November 09, 1958