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The Invisible Man

(Invisible Man)


While working on the optical refraction, in his laboratory, Dr. Peter Brady makes an extraordinary discovery. He treats a hamster to several doses of radiation sees it disappear little by little. Brady has just discovered the secret of   invisibility. But as he tells himself, he could not anticipate what was to arrive... A radiation leak soon occurs and Brady is contaminated, like the animal, Brady, to the great surprise of his associate, becomes invisible...

A series created by Ralph Smart

2 seasons - 26 episodes

1958 - 30 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Diane Brady
  • Dr. Peter Brady
  • Dr. Peter Brady
  • Sally Brady

Also Known As

  • H.G.Wells' Invisible Man (uk)

Release dates

  • September 14, 1958
  • September 14, 1958
  • September 14, 1958
  • September 14, 1958