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Horror Hospital

(Horror Hospital)


Welcome to Brittlehurst Manor, a "health resort" where young people are cured of all their hang-ups in one stroke. One stroke, that is, of Dr. Storm's scalpel. You see Doc Storm, a crippled demented genius in a wheelchair, has a laboratory where he performs hideous and graphic brain surgery on his young patients - making them cooperative, brainless zombies. With the help of Frederick the dwarf, the "Bike Boys," and Doc Storm's infamous decapitating limousine, the patients are guaranteed all the "rest" they will ever need...

A movie directed by Antony Balch

1973 - 90 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Christian Storm
  • Jason Jones
  • Judy Peters
  • Aunt Harris
  • Mr. Pollack
  • Frederick
  • Abraham
  • Millie
  • Carter
  • Bike Boy
  • Bike Boy
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • 'Mystic' Rock Group
  • 'Mystic' Rock Group
  • 'Mystic' Rock Group



Also Known As

  • Doctor Bloodbath (inc)
  • Computer Killers (us)
  • Death Ward #13 (us)

Release dates

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