Gog and Magog are two robots that are in operation in a space research laboratory when they suddenly destroy the lab and murder the scientists that work there. Infiltrators have short cicuited the robots and taken control of the computer that runs them. A specialist is sent from Earth to a space station...

A movie directed by Herbert L. Strock

1954 - 85 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • David Sheppard
  • Joanna Merritt
  • Dr. Van Ness
  • Dr. Zeitman
  • Dr. Pierre Elzevir
  • Mme. Elzevir
  • Major Howard
  • Dr. Carter
  • Dr. Peter Burden
  • Dr. Hubertus
  • Engle
  • Helen
  • Marna Roberts
  • Senator
  • Vince



Also Known As

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Release dates

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