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Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster

(Gojira tai Hedorâ)


Godzilla vs Hedorah features the 'smog monster' Hedorah, a constantly mutating creature which feeds off the terrible pollution in Japan.

As the monster grows, insatiably feeding off the smoke, gas and chemicals produced by the city, it suddenly appears without warning, leaving utter destruction in its wake. Poisonous mud spews from its foul mouth, lethal crimson rays radiate from its terrifying eyes, and once contacted by the rays, men instantly decay to bones.

Hedorah attacks a group of teenagers on Mount Fuji, but Godzilla comes to their rescue, where the two monsters fight an exhausting battle. Godzilla finally destroys the pollution-monster, and saves the earth from total destruction...

A movie directed by Yoshimitsu Banno

1971 - 85 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Toru Yano
  • Toshie Yano
  • Ken Yano
  • Yukio Keuchi
  • Miki Fujiyama
  • Gohei - a fisherman
  • JSDF Officer
  • JSDF Engineer
  • Announcer A
  • Announcer B
  • Police Officer
  • Scientist
  • ...
  • Correspondent
  • Non Commissioned Officer

Also Known As

  • Годзилла против Хедоры (inc)
  • Godzilla vs. Hedora (inc)
  • Godzilla vs. Hedorah (inc)

Release dates

  • July 24, 1971
  • July 24, 1971
  • October 20, 2008 (Tokyo International Film Festival)