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The Giant Gila Monster

(The Giant Gila Monster)


A monsterous poisonous reptile slithers from the depths of the midwest outback to wreak death and destruction on civilization. When teenagers start disappearing from lover's lane, a tough-talking sheriff and teen hot-rodder form an unlikely alliance to find the missing youths. What they discover is a mutant Gila monster large enough to destroy the whole town...

A movie directed by Ray Kellogg

1959 - 74 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Chase Winstead
  • Sheriff Jeff
  • Lisa
  • Old Man Harris
  • Mr. Wheeler
  • Missy Winstead
  • Horatio Alger 'Steamroller' Smith
  • Mom Winstead
  • Gordy
  • Mr. Compton
  • Agatha Humphries
  • Ed Humphries
  • Rick
  • Jennie
  • Bob

Also Known As

  • Гигантский монстр Джила (inc)

Release dates

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