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Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

(Gamera 3: Iris kakusei)


Still reeling after the hard-fought battle to repel Legion, Japan is now reminded of a deadly foe from the past. The Gyaos have returned. And this time, the ornery man-eating birds have not only increased their numbers, but they have also added a new menacing member to their destructive little club. Iris, the flying, blood-sucking squid monster, is all rested up and ready to rumble. Raised by a young girl whose parents were squished by Gamera in a horrible accident, Iris takes her learned hatred and goes out to the warpath. Dr. Nagamine and Inspector Osaka are reunited and help Gamera in his relentless quest to protect and save the human race. Can Gamera ground the Gyaos? Can the turtle tie up the terrible tentacles? Do the hapless humans are the rowdy reptile have what it takes to thwart the revenge of Iris?

A movie directed by Shusuke Kaneko

1999 - 108 minutes - Color / Black & White - Dolby Digital - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Mayumi Nagamine
  • Ayana Hirasaka
  • Inspector Tsutomu Osako
  • Asagi Kusanagi
  • Mito Asakura
  • Shin'ya Kurata
  • Tatsunari Moribe
  • Miyuki Moribe - Tatsunari's Younger Siser
  • Shigeki Hinohara - Ayana's Cousin
  • Sakurai
  • Mr. Saito
  • Young Ayana
  • Regimental Commander
  • Female Camper
  • Ayana's Father

Also Known As

  • Gamera 3: The Awakening of Iris (inc)
  • Gamera 1999: The Absolute Guardian of the Universe (inc)
  • Gamera: Revenge of Iris (inc)

Release dates

  • March 06, 1999
  • March 06, 1999
  • August 26, 2011 (Setouchi International Children's Film Festival)
  • September 27, 2011 (Blu-ray premiere)