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Future Fear

(Future Fear)


A husband-and-wife team of geneticists develop a daring experimental treatment for a flesh-eating virus of mysterious origin. But when they discover the disease was deliberately deployed by a ruthless tyrant bent on controlling the world, they've got to put down their beakers and take up arms...

A movie directed by Lewis Baumander

1997 - 77 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Dr. John Denniel
  • Anna Denniel
  • General Wallace
  • Robert
  • Yvette
  • Young Denniel
  • Young Anna
  • Young Wallace
  • Denniel's Mother
  • Denniel's Father
  • Soldier #1
  • Soldier #2
  • Soldier #3
  • Soldier #4
  • Viral Man #1



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