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Frankenstein General Hospital

(Frankenstein General Hospital)


Robert Frankenstein, the great-great grandson of the original Baron Victor Frankenstein has decided to renew with the experiments of his illustrious ancestor in his secret laboratory situated in the cellar of the modern-day hospital where he works. His needs in human organs are amply satisfied thanks to patients death coming after the incompetence of his colleagues and his tireless assistant Iggy. So as to allow Dr Frankenstein to finish his work, Iggy is soon going to bring back him the brain of a sexual obsessed teen, thinking it is the one of e genius...

A movie directed by Deborah Romare

1988 - 90 minutes - Color / Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Bob Frankenstein
  • Iggy
  • Dr. Frank Reutgar
  • Dr. Alice Singleton
  • The Monster
  • Dr. Andrew Dixon
  • Dr. Saperstein
  • Nurse Verna
  • Mildred Pennys
  • Dr. Skip
  • Dr. Biff
  • Elizabeth Rice
  • Candy Striper Patty
  • Cindy Swanson
  • Dr. Who



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Also Known As

  • Больница доктора Франкенштейна (inc)

Release dates

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