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Flash Gordon

(Flash Gordon)


Based on Alex Raymond's legendary sci-fi comic strip hero, these vintage television episodes present the journeys of space hero Flash Gordon (Steve Holland). Along with the lovely Dale Arden (Irene Champlin) and the brilliant Dr.Zharkov (Joe Nash), Flash represents the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation in an ongoing quest to keep the cosmos safe. During their adventures, the astral trio travel back in time to retrieve an Earth-threatening bomb, battle a hideous half-man/half-lion terror, and foil the menacing plans of the memory-sapping Mad Witch of Neptune. Produced in Europe and syndicated through 1953-54, these installments from TV's golden age deliver an unceasing array of otherworldly adventures.

A series created by Alex Raymond

1 season - 39 episodes

1954 - 30 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33

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Release dates

  • October 01, 1954
  • October 01, 1954