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Fiend Without a Face

(Fiend Without a Face)


Marshall Thompson stars in this sci-fi thriller playing a US Army officer posted at a joint US/Canadian military base where a nuclear reactor is being used to power a special radar system able to pick up enemy aircraft at great distances. Unfortunately, nearby is a silly scientist tapping into the nuclear power source to fuel his telekinesis experiments. The scientist succeeds in creating a new life form from his own sub-conscience (like the ID monster from "Forbidden Planet"). The creature is invisible and eventually escapes from the scientist’s laboratory. Once outside, the closer it moves to the nuclear power source the more it multiplies. They also exhibit a nasty habit of sucking out peoples brains and spines! Marshall tries to find a way to neutralize these monsters (who are unforgettable once you see them) before they overrun the countryside! (Anonymous)

A movie directed by Arthur Crabtree

1958 - 74 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • Maj. Cummings
  • Prof. R.E. Walgate
  • Barbara Griselle
  • Col. Butler
  • Capt. Al Chester
  • Mayor
  • Const. Gibbons
  • Dr. Bradley
  • Dr. Warren
  • Sgt. Kasper
  • Melville
  • Ben Adams
  • Atomic Engineer
  • Amelia Adams
  • Nurse

Also Known As

  • Безликий демон (inc)

Release dates

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