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First Spaceship On Venus

(Der schweigende Stern)


It is 1985, and at the international center of interstellar rocket launching, the spaceship "Cosmostrator 1" is ready for the first flight to Venus. The members of the World Federation for Space Research -- the greatest scientists on Earth -- are gathered to witness the first expedition to Venus, the silent planet.

The multinational crew of this hazardous expedition into the unknown -- seven men, one woman -- has been selected with great care. All of them are scientists trained for this project, aware of the dangers implicit in this trip into space -- a voyage prompted by a startling discovery in the Gobi Desert: strange magnetic reels containing a cryptic message from the Venusians themselves. It is a cosmic document of the highest importance...

A movie directed by Kurt Maetzig

1960 - 93 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Die japanische Ärztin / Sumiko Ogimura MD
  • Amerikanischer Atomphysiker / Prof. Harringway Hawling
  • Polnischer Chefingenieur / Prof. Saltyk / Prof. Durand
  • Afrikanischer Fernsehtechniker / Talua
  • Sowjetischer Astronaut / Prof. Arsenew / Prof. Orloff
  • Indischer Mathematiker / Prof. Sikarna
  • Deutscher Pilot / Robert / Raimund Brinkmann
  • Chinesischer Linguist / Dr. Tchen Yu / Lao Tsu
  • Fernsehreporterin / Joan Moran

Also Known As

  • Der Planet des Todes (inc)
  • Spaceship Venus Does Not Reply (inc)
  • Silent Star (inc)
  • Planet of the Dead (inc)
  • Molczaci Krzydla (inc)
  • Безмолвная звезда (inc)
  • The Planet of Death (inc)
  • Milczaca gwiazda (pl)
  • The Silent Star (us)

Release dates

  • March 07, 1960
  • October 31, 1962
  • March 07, 1960
  • October 31, 1962