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Is it a nightmare or an actual view of a post-apocalyptic world? Set in an industrial town in which giant machines are constantly working, spewing smoke, and making noise that is inescapable, Henry Spencer lives in a building that, like all the others, appears to be abandoned. The lights flicker on and off, he has bowls of water in his dresser drawers, and for his only diversion he watches and listens to the Lady in the Radiator sing about finding happiness in heaven. Henry has a girlfriend, Mary X, who has frequent spastic fits. Mary gives birth to Henry's child, a frightening looking mutant, which leads to the injection of all sorts of sexual imagery into the depressive and chaotic mix.

A movie directed by David Lynch

1977 - 89 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Henry Spencer
  • Mary X
  • Mr. X
  • Mrs. X
  • Beautiful Girl Across the Hall
  • Lady in the Radiator
  • Landlady (long version)
  • Man in the Planet
  • Grandmother
  • The Boy
  • Bum
  • Paul
  • The Boss
  • Pencil Machine Operator
  • Little Girl

Also Known As

  • Eraserhead 2000 (us)
  • Gardenback (us)

Release dates

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