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Eraser Children

(Eraser Children)


In a dystopia of useless products, pre-paid dreams, and a system of ‘violations’ so invasive that if you laugh too loudly you will be fined, Misner Corporation has invented a new source of energy, generating a monopoly on all facets of human existence. The world is now a totalitarian global state ruled by one man. Anyone unwilling to work for Misner’s regime lives underground in a dark world of insane system ‘dropouts’. Finnegan Wright, a lower level worker at Misner Corp. is taken on an enthralling journey when one of these dropouts kidnaps Finnegan and tries to convince him to change the fate of the world by killing Misner...

A movie directed by Nathan Christoffel

2009 - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Tate / Angelica / Worker
  • Barman
  • Worker
  • Officer
  • Comp Girl / Newsreader / Billy Fan
  • Billy Fan
  • Bodyguard
  • Office Worker
  • Billy Fan
  • Billy Fan
  • Escort 2
  • Doorman
  • Worker
  • Officer
  • Scarlet



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