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The stars at night, the galaxy circling overhead in all its majesty. There is movement out there, a shape twinkling in the stars, a shape of a woman tumbling through space. She lands, not certain where she is, an finds, nearby, a man camping alone. She demands to know where she is, and when she finds out that she is on Earth, she rages, against the man, against the Earth. The man must help her leave, she says. She invades the man's life, dragging him into other time spaces to convince him that she is who she says she is, a woman from Epsilon, from another star system...

A movie directed by Rolf de Heer

1997 - 92 minutes - Color - Dolby SR - 2.35

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Also Known As

  • Almost Alien (au)
  • Alien Visitor (inc)

Release dates

  • January 23, 1997
  • January 23, 1997
  • July 14, 2001 (Melbourne Underground Film Festival - Retrospective of Australian Cult Cinema)
  • September 19, 2000 (video premiere)