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The Shadow Men

(The Shadow Men)


By a beautiful sunny day, Bob Wilson decides to take his family - his wife Dez and their son Andy - to camp in Pointed Mounts, a lovely wild area of the American West. On their way back, in the middle of the night, they are suddenly blinded by a huge luminous object that overflys their car several times. Scared, Bob loses the control of his vehicle, strikes a rock and finishes his course in a ditch...

Wilson wakes up three hours later, to their great astonishment on the side of the road. In the days that follow, Bob and Dez make the same nightmare, in which they are abducted by aliens. Anxious, Bob enters in contact with the Air Forces, to attempt to find an explanation to the strange phenomenon they have witnessed. The following day, two agents appear. Their strange behavior schemes the couple…

A movie directed by Timothy Bond

1997 - 95 minutes - Color - NC

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