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The Invisible Man

(El hombre que logró ser invisible)


This Mexican rendition of the invisible man is essentially a remake of the 1940 Universal Studios film "The Invisible Man Returns." Carlos (Arturo de Cordova), oops make that "Charles Hill” (in the English-dubbed version) is falsely convicted of murder.  Hill is sentenced to 99 years in prison. Luckily, Hill's scientist brother Luis (Augusto Benedico) concocts the obligatory invisibility serum and smuggles it into prison. Hill takes the serum, vanishes, and simply walks out of jail. He’s aided in his escape by his beloved Beatrice (Ana Luisa Peluffo).  Invisibility enables Hill to easily make fools out of the police and ultimately prove his innocence. Unfortunately, that nasty side effect--creeping insanity--rears it ugly, unseen head. Hill decides that he rather terrorize the city than go back to being normal. Can he be stopped before innocent people lose their lives? (Anonymous)

A movie directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna

1958 - 96 minutes - Black & White - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • Carlos / Charles Hill
  • Beatriz Cifuentes / Beatrice Forsythe
  • Comandante Flores / Police Chief Charles Ford
  • Luis / Lewis hall
  • José Suárez / John Hayes
  • Don Ramón Cifuentes / Mr. Forsyth
  • Médez / Matthews
  • Velador / Night watchman
  • ...
  • Enfermero / Prison nurse
  • Médico / Prison doctor
  • Detective / Police detective
  • Detective de policía
  • ...



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Also Known As

  • H.G. Wells' Invisible Man (inc)
  • El hombre invisible (inc)
  • Invisible Man in Mexico (inc)
  • The New Invisible Man (us)

Release dates

  • November 28, 1958
  • November 28, 1958