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Electric Dragon 80.000 V

(Electric Dragon 80.000 V)


Reptile investigator Dragon Eye Morrison has possessed high-voltage superpowers ever since a childhood accident at a power station. With megawatts of power coursing through his body, he discharges his surplus energy by playing high voltage rock 'n' roll with his electric guitar. He spends his days looking for lost lizards in the alleyways of Tokyo, and his nights fighting the reptilian part of his brain that is making him increasingly violent. A shadowy figure named Thunderbolt Buddha soon surfaces and begins following Dragon Eye about town. A former TV repairman turned super-villain, Thunderbolt Buddha uses his high-powered love of technological devices to aid in his evil plans. Powered-up to the max in his electrical body suit, the two finally come face to face in an all out electricfied rock 'n' roll battle for the supremacy of Tokyo!

A movie directed by Gakuryu Ishii

2001 - 55 minutes - Black & White - Dolby Digital - NC

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Main Cast

  • Dragon Eye Morrison
  • Narrator (voice)
  • Thunderbolt Buddha



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