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Deep Core

(Deep Core)


100 miles beneath the ocean floor, scientists attempting to reach an eight billion barrel oil field accidentally unleash a massive explosion. The resulting impact creates a "tsunami" that slams into the tropical island of Kontiki destroying it completely. At the same time, 2000 miles away in Northern Siberia, the town of Moltov is swallowed by a mysterious sinkhole.

U.S. government geologists are at a loss to explain the disastrous events. Their only option is to reopen a file containing a controversial theory from disgraced geologist Brian Gordon. He believed that any disruption directly beneath the Mid-Oceanic Ridge would cause a massive chain reaction capable of tearing the entire planet apart. They have no choice but to track down Gordon and convince him to pilot the ultra sound drilling machine he designed, in an attempt to free the pressure from the danger zone deep within the Earth's mantle...

A movie directed by Rodney McDonald

2000 - 80 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - NC

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Main Cast

  • Brian Goodman
  • Allison Saunders
  • Sam Dalton
  • Alan Morrisey
  • Rodney Bedecker
  • Darryl Simmons
  • Chin Li
  • Lou Chang
  • Wayne Lung
  • Head Engineer
  • Colonel Sun Po
  • Phong Li
  • M.I.B. #1
  • M.I.B. #2
  • Henry



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Also Known As

  • Deep Core 2000 (us)

Release dates

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