Destination Moonbase Alpha

(Destination Moonbase-Alpha)


A spaceship lands. From it step familiar figures. They are the brothers and lovers, friends and colleagues of the Moonbase Alpha personnel. They have come on a rescue mission. The survivors will be taken back to earth. One man fails to enjoy the deliriously happy reunions. He is the Moonbase Alpha commander, John Koenig. A man of tremendous strong will, he is the only one able to resist the uncanny spell cast over his companions by the newcomers... The one man to see these so-called earthmen as they really are - terrifying monsters from another planet who have transformed themselves into the images of those the moon's inhabitants knew so well on earth. They have come on a mission which is life or death for them but certain death to everyone on Moonbase Alpha...

A TV Movie directed by Tom Clegg

1978 - 96 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Commander John Koenig
  • Dr. Helena Russell
  • Maya
  • Tony Verdeshi
  • Alan Carter
  • Sandra Benes
  • Dr. Ben Vincent
  • Diana Morris
  • Guido Verdeshi
  • Jack Bartlett
  • Joe Ehrlich
  • Dr. Shaw
  • Louisa
  • Ken Burdett
  • Professor Hunter



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