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I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

(I Was a Teenage Frankenstein)


I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN, directed by Herbert Strock, AIP, starring Whit Bissell as the doctor, Phyllis Coates as his fiancée’, Gary Conway as the monster, and Robert Burton the assistant “or dare I say co-conspirator”. It’s the Frankenstein myth jazzed up for the hot-rod age. Dr F wants to make a correct monster, one that will do his bidding and will be a servant. Ms Coates snoops. The doctor lurks, and is quite jaunty about the whole thing. It’s fun in a goofy way. And, when the monster gets loose, it’s terrifying. It’s also creepsville when Ms Coates finds the monster and is dragooned into caring for it. Despite various problems, especially her, it looks like the doctor has won until the disassembling starts for the trip back home. The monster’s face is pretty grotesque. Bissell delivers a performance that’s wry and clever.It’s a ‘50s film that is endearing. None of it makes much sense really, but it’s an interesting curio from a time period long gone. It’s very American. Black and white. Catchy dialogue and bee bop, and it scared the crackers out of me. The poster is one of the greats. And the add copy line is perfect and unforgettable. I recommend it. In color the last minute. It works. (Barry Eysman)

A movie directed by Herbert L. Strock

1957 - 74 minutes - Color / Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Prof. Frankenstein
  • Margaret
  • Dr. Karlton
  • Bob / Teenage Monster
  • Sgt. Burns
  • Sgt. McAffee
  • Dr. Randolph
  • Arlene's Mother
  • First Victim
  • Dr. Elwood
  • Mr. Sexton, the jeweler
  • Man at Crash
  • Woman in Corridor
  • Police Officer
  • Arlene

Also Known As

  • Teenage Frankenstein (uk)

Release dates

  • November 23, 1957
  • November 23, 1957