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Last Woman on Earth

(Last Woman on Earth)


A global holocaust decimates the population of the entire world except for two men and a

beautiful woman. Dead bodies litter the streets of a lifeless city. Fleeing the horror, the three survivors take refuge on the fringes of a tropical jungle.

In an explosion of sexual tension, the men clash in the pursuit of their desires and engage in an all-out war to possess "The Last Woman On Earth."

A movie directed by Roger Corman

1960 - 71 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Evelyn Gern
  • Harold Gern
  • Martin Joyce


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Also Known As

  • Последняя женщина на Земле (inc)
  • The Last Woman on Earth (us)

Release dates

  • August 05, 1960
  • August 05, 1960