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Defying Gravity

(Defying Gravity)


In the very near future, eight astronauts from five countries (four women and four men) undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission covering eight billion miles. Hurtling into the vast challenge of infinite space, they and the ground personnel that support them are on a mission, which has a powerful and awesome mystery at its core. The intimate relationships among the astronauts and the ground crew, as well as their actions, from the past and the present, on earth and in space, are all connected. Episodes are divided between the present, as the Antares travels towards Venus, and the past, with flashbacks to the earlier years when the astronauts were in the grueling selection and training process...

A series created by James D. Parriott

1 season - 13 episodes

2009 - 60 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.78

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Release dates

  • August 02, 2009
  • October 21, 2009
  • August 02, 2009
  • October 06, 2009
  • August 02, 2009
  • October 21, 2009
  • August 02, 2009