The Deadly Bees

(The Deadly Bees)


Pop singer Vicky Robbins collapses from exhaustion, and her doctor orders her to take an extended vacation on a small island off the coast of England. She rents a small cottage on a farm belonging to Ralph Hargrove, a taciturn man interested only in tending his beehives. For some time local police have been receiving what they consider crank letters from someone on the island who claims to have developed a strain of killer bees; unless his achievement is recognized, he threatens to unloose them on the populace. Upon learning of the threats, Vicky becomes suspicious of her host…

A movie directed by Freddie Francis

1967 - 83 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Vicki Robbins
  • H.W. Manfred
  • Ralph Hargrove
  • Mary Hargrove
  • Insp. Thompson
  • David Hawkins
  • TV Compere
  • Det. Harcourt
  • Seagull Island Coroner
  • Seagull Island Doctor
  • Doris Hawkins
  • Sister
  • Secretary
  • Dr. George Lang
  • Vicki's Agent



Also Known As

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Release dates

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