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Journey to the Far Side of the Sun



A space probe sent by EUROSEC, the European Space Exploitation Center directed by Jason Webb, overdrawn a new planet in our solar system. Up till now it was impossible to see it because it is hidden by the sun. Indeed, this planet possesses the same orbits that the Earth and displaces at the same speed. Eurosec decides to send a manned flight to this planet. It is commanded by the astronaut Glenn Ross, the most experienced to lead the mission...

A movie directed by Robert Parrish

1969 - 101 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Colonel Glenn Ross
  • John Kane
  • Jason Webb
  • Sharon Ross
  • Lisa Hartmann
  • Paulo Landi
  • Mark Neuman
  • David Poulson
  • Dr. Pontini
  • Psychiatrist
  • ...
  • Doctor Hassler

Also Known As

  • Puteshestviye po tu storonu Solntsa (inc)
  • Путешествие по ту сторону Солнца (inc)

Release dates

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