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Croisières Sidérales

(Croisières sidérales)


The story begins in 1942. Two aeronauts, Françoise and Lucien, take their places in the hermetically sealed spherical compartment of an aerostat of their invention, attempting to reach some 22000 meters in altitude on a test flight. But an unfortunate action by Lucien has the effect of destroying the envelope of the aerostat, and accidentally powering the compartment into space... Their comrades on Earth, no longer receiving communications, believe the aeronauts to be dead. After 15 days of flight in space, Françoise attempts a maneuver opposite to the one that projected them out of terrestrial gravity. This course correction is a success, and the passenger compartment lands on a tree a few miles from Paris. Curiously, things have changed! They learn that it is 1967, and that their two weeks's trip into space lasted in fact 25 years on earth...
(Contribution : Bernard)

A movie directed by André Zwoboda

1942 - 95 minutes - Black & White - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Françoise Monier
  • Robert Monier
  • Lucien Marchand
  • Antoine
  • Béatrice
  • Le directeur
  • Marie
  • Pépin
  • Gaby
  • Charles
  • Le premier bonimenteur
  • Le jeune marié
  • Gustave
  • La vénusienne
  • Philippe

Also Known As

  • Sideral Cruises (inc)

Release dates

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