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Deep Shock

(Deep Shock)


A mysterious trench has formed on the ocean floor. When the station monitoring the phenomenon is attacked, a submarine crew led by Captain Raines is sent to investigate. They discover the unimaginable - that an ancient special of underwater predator has been awakened. Deadly and unstoppable... unless they can be destroyed, these creatures will be the end of mankind...

A TV Movie directed by Phillip J. Roth

2003 - 93 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Capt. Andrew (Andy) Raines, USN
  • Dr. Anne Fletcher
  • Chomsky
  • Arciero
  • Protas
  • Michael
  • Rodgers
  • Hurst
  • Beach
  • Helmsman
  • Sonar man
  • Dr. Pashe
  • French G-8 representative
  • Russian G-8 representative
  • Pilot

Also Known As

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Release dates

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