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The Last Chase

(The Last Chase)


Year 2000. The world is deprived of gasoline. Henceforth totally forbidden, all motorized vehicles have been gathered in a deposit, except for Frank Hart's Porsche. Mr. Hart, a famous race car driver who was in a racing accident, has put into pieces and hidden his car in his garage. Twenty later years. A new society has been created, managed by an infallible system where each one is filed and supervised. Frank has become the spokesperson of dissidents. One day, he meets Ring McCarthy, a young computer scientist opposed to the regime. Together they decide to repair the Porsche of the pilot and to cross the country. Quickly aware, authorities launch a plane to their encounter...

A movie directed by Martyn Burke

1981 - 101 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Release dates

  • June 05, 1981
  • June 05, 1981